The keel was laid down at the Hillyard yard in Littlehampton, Sussex, England in 1965.


On the 27th January 1966 she was launched and christened “Gyngleboy”. Between 1966 and 1981 she was owned by various owners, all of whom are listed on the “Certificate of British Registry” (wich we have).

On the 27th October 1981 she was in turn bought by Brian Hooper, who, amongst other alterations changed her rig to a two-masted ketch. In 1990 she was treated to a new suit of sails. 1995 saw her being sold to Herrn Kessler and sailed to her new home at Wilhelmshafen in Germany.


On the 16th March 2002 she was spotted by boat builder Frank Steinbeck of the Havnsoe yard and bought by fellow Dane Claus Olesen from Charlottenlund. After a dramatic passage to Denmark including leaking diesel pump and water ingress through the stern drive gland, she was taken to the Havnsoe yard, during which time her hull was a dark blue colour.


At some point during the next 4 years she travelled to Mariager Fjord and finally was brought on to dry land at Mariager Havn to lie, uncovered and with her wooden mast lying on the ground and everything covered in algae and moss. This was until November 2006.

When we saw “Gyngleboy” for the first time she was leaning over in a wooden frame, we quickly made a deal with the owner, Carsten Jacobsen, for her to change hands again. Just before New Year 2006 a truck drove through Jutland to the yard at Havnsoe. With a little creativity and effort she just managed to fit inside the workshop, we shut the doors and went home to celebrate the New Year.


In January 2007 work started on her renovation. There was a lot of work required and when everything was stripped back and cleaned a costly but necessary decision was made to lay a new teak deck. A complete teak log was purchased and cut into 7mm planks. These planks were laid, glued, caulked and re-sanded and finished along with other parts that had been replaced using spare wood from the teak log.


June 2007 saw the doors to the workshop opened and she was rolled out in to the sunshine, a very happy owner and a proud boat builder were ready for the launch, all she needed was the anti-fouling on her hull. On the 1st of July 2007 she was floated and sat nicely in the water, and, despite having being out of the water for so long the leaks between the boards were minimal and ceased after a couple of days.

And so the mast was raised and the rigging completed. The deck in the cockpit was replaced and some steps added to help those climbing in and out, something which our wire haired daschunde very much appreciate! In the saloon the wood work and fittings were finished with a matt varnish and the hull with white paint. In the aft cabin the single bunk was replaced with a practical desk and on the port side a blacksmith has made a fitting to allow the office chair to swing out of the way when not in use. In the heads is a new electric toilet and sink. The electrical system was replaced along with navigation instruments etc. We have new upholstery everywhere with a material designed to be easy to clean. In the forward cabin we have painted everything white and fitted it out with an old brass lamp. The pillows are finished off with a fabric called “Marimekko” which was designed in the same year “Gyngleboy” was first launched.


We re-christened her “Sylvig” after our company Sylvester og Toksvig and have been sailing her in Nordic waters included Scotland, for the last 10 seasons. She has given us and our family the greatest of pleasure.


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Owner: Arne Sylvester Toksvig, Valdemarsvej 12, DK-2960 Rungsted Kyst, Mobile +45 2840 3611, e-mail: skipper@sylvig.dk